Beyond College: 2017 Webinar Series

Prepare for and excel at life after college with our free monthly webinar series.

A group of college students walk across campus

Covering a wide range of topics, from personal finances to professional development, the Beyond College: 2017 Webinar Series will help better prepare you for what’s next after college. Click any of the links to listen to a replay of the 2017 event.

February 16, 2017 — Tips to writing your resume 
Tips on how to market your skills, accomplishments, and personal brand.

March 23, 2017 — Preparing for your job interview
Learn techniques and best practices to stand out when talking with employers.

April 20, 2017 — Fuel your savings
Learn financial strategies for life after college, including savings and investing basics.

May 11, 2017 — Leveraging mentors and sponsors
Get insight on the difference between mentorships and sponsorships and how to leverage them successfully.

June 28, 2017 — Social media smarts
Join a discussion about how social media can promote or destroy your personal brand.

July 20, 2017 — Salary vs. value 
Know what you should consider when evaluating job offers and what you can negotiate.

August 17, 2017 — Your leadership brand
Learn how to build and leverage your leadership brand.

September 14, 2017 — Wells Fargo careers and internships
Recruiters from Wells Fargo will share information about career opportunities.

October 19, 2017 — Credit builder
Gain tools and resources to help you take control of your finances and reach your financial goals.

November 16, 2017 — Managing student debt
Learn new ways to better manage student debt and real-world budgets.