Three reasons to keep in touch with your favorite profs

Everyone has those professors who made a big difference to them in college — here’s why you should stay connected after graduation.


As a current undergraduate student, I already have two outstanding professors that I am certain I want to stay in touch with after I graduate. I enroll in as many of their courses as possible, visit them during office hours, and lean on them for guidance. Keeping in touch with these people who inspire and influence me is a huge priority of mine as I enter the adult world.

Staying in touch with your favorite professors is not weird. They naturally make connections with many of their students. Whether you’re able to see each other in person every so often or can only connect digitally through social media or email, they want to see where their students go after graduation and in their careers. Plus, extending your professors’ wisdom into your future endeavors could have huge payoffs.

They could be a reference

If you’re thinking about applying to graduate school or a post-graduate program now or down the road, you’re going to need a reference from a professor. Whether it’s six months after graduation or six years, keeping in touch with them will make that reference even more relevant and effective.

They could assist in networking

Your favorite professor, especially if they teach in your field of interest, could assist you in networking and even help you land a job. How? They’re likely to know many alumni who have gone on to work for companies you’d like to know more about, hold jobs that pertain to your degree, or even know about cities you might relocate to. And let’s face it, these days, it’s all about who you know.

A past professor could also serve as a reference on job applications. Their tribute to your skills could be what sets you apart from other applicants.

They could serve as a mentor

The relationships you build with your professors can be a resource to you now and down the line. From offering career and personal advice to giving you that extra nudge toward your goals, they can provide not only counsel, but long-lasting friendships, too.